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Asphalt Roofing: How to turn a Bad Odor Into a Major Benefit!

Roofing and the roofing industry is a vital part of the construction trade. In essence roofing is the pinnacle of a project. How many times have you heard someone say, "The simple life...Kids, happiness, a roof over my head..." Considering this importance of the roofing industry, why do people loathe the thought of an asphalt roofing crew on a construction site? The answer if very simple: THE SMELL!

Today's society demands comfort. Anything that creates an uncomfortable situation is not tolerated for long. Let's face it; the odor produced from asphalt roofing is not pleasant to say the least. To substantiate this observation you only need to ask a child if he or she would like to be an asphalt roofer. I'll bet you a gentleman's wager they will respond with a resonate NO! When asked why? "It smells bad!" Right now you arc probably asking, "What's the point? I know it smells bad." The point is: a product exists that virtually eliminates the odor from asphalt roofing. Yes, eliminates the odor! It completely removes the odor and replaces it with a pleasant vanilla aroma.

The product Roof Odors-Solutions Inc, is an additive that when mixed with hot asphalt has an active ingredient that exhausts all the oxygen available in the mix and thus stops the oxidation process. With out this process sulfur fumes cannot form, and sulfur is the number one cause of asphalt odor.

How do I know it works?

The National Center for Asphalt Technology (NC AT), Auburn University, Auburn Ala., studied the product during an industry-sponsored effort. Of seven odor additives tested, only two were shown to have consistent effects. The primary product was the Asphalt Solutions contribution. Roof Odors-Solutions Inc was tested at the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) and they confirmed that the product reduces asphalt fume emissions and eliminates odor. Additionally, the Construction innovation Forum (CIF) for innovative ideas and new technology is the construction industry recently awarded the 2004 NOVA Award to Asphalt Solutions®, Inc. the parent company of Roof-Odor Solutions Inc. It's been proven that Roof Odors-Solutions Inc, when added to hot mix at the manufacturer in liquid form becomes a hassle free alternative to the odor producing products available to the general roofing contractor.

How can it benefit me?

One of the main benefits is worker productivity. A recent study discovered that asphalt workers jobs when RoofOdor was utilized. As a result reported sick days were more satisfied with their were reduced and productivity increased. Increased productivity means increased profits. Another major benefit is community recognition. When this product is utilized you are making the statement that you care about the needs of the community.

Couple these two benefits and the impact of your decision to use Roof-Odor reaches all levels of the market not only the consumer but also the people who affect the business itself, including environmental groups, code inspectors, local counsel men and more. Make a statement to the community and the rest of the construction industry. Let them know that roofing is the pinnacle of the industry. With Roof Odor Solutions you have nothing to loose everything to gain!

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