No Smell AG Odor Orange Juice




AG-ODOR Orange Juice was originally developed as an agricultural product aimed at eliminating livestock and poultry production odors. AG-ODOR Orange Juice was a resounding success as the product far surpassed estimated effectiveness. Through continued research and testing, Odor Solutions Group, the parent company discovered that AG-ODOR Orange Juice is an effective odor control product for the pet industry as well. It has been utilized by pet waste removal companies, boarding kennels and pet owners to eliminate the odor caused by pet urine and feces.

AG-ODOR Orange Juice is a material derived from the oil found in orange peels. It is a cold-press, custom blended formula that is biodegradable and non-toxic. In fact the product meets FDA-GRAS (generally recognized as safe) standards.


AG-ODOR Orange Juice is effective at eliminating odors in the yard, around bushes, trees and anywhere else pet waste odor is an issue. When sprayed on the affected areas, the result is neutralization of the waste odor. Pet waste removal professionals have sprayed it in containers and garbage bags as well, allowing for odor free removal and storage. When used inside the home to clean up those inevitable accidents, it can effectively be used on both tile and carpet.

AG-ODOR Orange Juice has also been used to clean surfaces in the kennel, leaving the area with a clean, citrus based smell. Another use is for removing odor caused by cat waste in the litter boxes. Used in between litter changes, it eliminates both the ammonia and methane odors associated with the litter box.


AG-ODOR Orange Juice comes in a highly concentrated from, so a little goes a long way. When mixing for use in a standard spray bottle (32 oz.) a general rule is 2 ounces of AG-ODOR Orange Juice per 32 ounces of water. If you are using a larger spray system, adjust your ratios accordingly.

No Smell AG Odor Orange Juice


"Animal waste has met its match" AG-ODOR ORANGE JUICE is a groundbreaking new cold-press, custom blended additive that virtually eliminates offensive odors in a wide variety of agricultural applications.

Beyond its remarkable odor elimination powers, Ag-Odor Orange Juice is also amazingly effective as an industrial disinfectant cleaner in stainless steel rendering plants and is also a natural insecticide. Because it's natural composition increases nitrates in the end result of fertilizer, Ag-Odor Orange Juice has also been proven to increase crop yield. Available in oil-based and water-soluble formats, Ag-Odor Orange Juice is ground water safe and bio-degradable. Agricultural application includes feedlots, sludge-ponds, rendering plants (i.e. slaughterhouses), poultry farms and virtually any animal-based industrial production facility.

Ag-Odor Orange Juice is more cost-effective than alternative odor elimination methods, Such as Bio filtration systems, which can be exorbitantly costly and only mask the odor? Problem. Ag-Odor Orange Juice eliminates it naturally.