How It Works


Don't Mask....Suppress!

Asphalt Solutions additive is a proven odor suppressant, not a masking agent for asphalts petroleum odor. The suppressant actually acts as an oxygen scavenger that significantly retards the release of compounds that are responsible for characteristic asphalt smell. The cost runs about 3-7 cents per ton of mix.

The additive, which is introduced into the asphalt binder at a rate of 1 gallon (3.8 L) to 12,OOO gallons (45,424 L) of liquid AC, offers HMA companies and their neighbors the prospect of an improved environment for industry operations. The odor reducer can be added to a drum or batch plant, and comes in a cherry or pine scent. Since the additive is mixed right in with the liquid asphalt, you take care of the odors at the plant's exhaust stack and AC tanks, the silo's load-out, in the haul trucks, and at the back of the paver.

It's a true end-to-end solution for asphalt odor. The odor suppressant not only works with hot-mix asphalt, but cold mix and medium cure asphalt as well. Additionally, as HMA operations mill-off existing asphalt during recycling, asphalt originally treated with Asphalt Solutions have no odor during repaving operations.