Frequently Asked Questions

Asphalt Solutions

Q: Does Asphalt Solutions® alter the performance properties of HMA?
A: NO… the suppressant simply acts as an oxygen scavenger that significantly retards the release of compounds that are responsible for characteristic asphalt smell

Q: Is Asphalt Solutions® cost-effective?
A: YES… At less than 4 cents per ton of hot mix asphalt (HMA), the additive is an economical answer to improving the environment by reducing asphalt odors

Q: Are there any harmful effects of using Asphalt Solutions®?
A: NO…Current tests show no harmful effects to the environment or HMA properties

Q: Is Asphalt Solutions® proven to work?
A: YES…Current NCAT testing rated AS Cherry was one of the most effective tested

Q: Is Asphalt Solutions® easy to use?
A: YES…For terminals or refineries, A.S. can be easily blended / in-line injected with off the shelf parts and flo-meters. For transport tankers, just apply the correct ratio of A.S. prior to loading.

Q: Where can I purchase Asphalt Solutions®?
A: Currently there are many national distributors who can be reached by selecting the "Contact Us" section of the website where AS representative will contact you.

Q: Are there any special requirements for handling / applying Asphalt Solutions®?
A: Users may want to use gloves and use in an open air environment